Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oakland Drops Beats - Chloe Jean: Vocalist

Meet the phenomenal singer, 
Chloe Jean:
"A singer/songwriter since the age of 5, Chloe Jean finds inspiration in everyday situations and turns  them into heartfelt, relate-able lyrics. In 2010, she worked for indie label, TMG (Temple Music Group), creating techno-soul records with producer Jay Williams. A pop-R&B artist at heart,  however, Chloe branched out and the first song she ever produced on her home computer was used as the theme song for the TV pilot, Izzy Unleashed. Her work caught the eye of producer Scott Urquhart and currently they are creating undeniably catchy, relevant, and commercial hits.
Chloe Jean is also a professional model signed to Ford and JE Models.  She has had the opportunity to travel the globe and experience many diverse cultures and music.  Her modeling career has helped her expand her musical palette and is now ready to share her music with everyone on her new album titled “Freak”.
Her inspirations include: Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Jack Johnson, India Arie, and countless others." ~
"Chloe's stage presence is as sweet as her voice. Both the message she shares and her delivery are uplifting and beautiful. She has recently released her newest body of work, 'Freak', an EP that shares a true sense of intimacy through stories. Her songs messages range from honest thoughts of re-awakening fading love to how the media's images of women have an effect on young girls. Chloe uses her unique perspective to explore romance, materialism, and womanhood in a vulnerably powerful and sincere way. She mixes her lyricism and vocals to create stories that are reminiscent of old Mowtown music." ~ A Thousand WordZ


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