Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Musician/Band Bio: Return To Mono ~ member of Digital Bliss Productions

Return To Mono music bio:

Return To Mono formed in 2006, with members Tanya Kelleher, Andy Sybilrud and J.G. Paulos. They've been described by Keyboard magazine as "Repositioning the proven hybrid of edgy female vocals & dark, grooving electronics used by Garbagem Portishead & Mechanical Birds." While hailing their EP Involution as "Original, sophisticated, skillfully crafted, and highly listenable."
Their upcoming full length album Framebreaker is an electronic rock manifesto with undercurrents of lush spacey ambiance. delivering crunchy beats, swirling guitars, deep electronic landscapes and "Full bodied vocals that just drip with sultriness."



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