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Ali Hammad is featured by FatheR BrotheR Sun as a headliner for Oakland Drops Beats with A Thousand WordZ at Spice Monkey May 9th, 2015.

Oakland Drops Beats
Saturday May 9th, 2015
Spice Monkey
1628 Webster Street


 Ali Hammad on Facebook
(Photo by Jennifer Dowdy, 2014)

Ali Hammad is a Berkeley, California native, but he spends a great deal of time in Oakland doing music. Among many of his talents, he is one of four lead singers in FRBRS aka

and will be highlighted for his writing and singing genius this Saturday May 19th, 2015. He will headline the evening portion of Oakland Drops Beats in a production of A Thousand WordZ at Spice Monkey in Downtown Oakland. He appears on stage at 9pm, and will be backed by his band FRBRS to share some of his newest songs that have not been heard live before. 
Unknown to many of his listeners and fans, he has been accepted to next falls enrollment at Boston's Berkelee College of Music for performance, so this is your chance to see what they see in him, the greatness that Oakland will miss until his return! 

 Facebook event

Ali Hammad has a long career ahead of himself. He has leveraged his experience as first a student of Youth Radio in Downtown Oakland, and secondly an employee there to take himself further. With his initials being A.H., he's had his Ah Ha moment in music, and is writing and recording tracks with groups like the Harbingers, (along with some un-published tunes that will appear before this year is done) playing live with FatheR BrotheR Sun, while learning how to work intimately with a band of 11 players; including himself. It appears he is learning, creating, and aiming for exploring and expressing what he develops and discovers each day, month, and year. So, stay tuned, but first come out and see for yourself, after you have a listen to the tracks below.

Listen to his newest song, 'Sang'.

Listen to Red Rover (ft. Isaiah McLane). 

FatheRBrotheRSun: http://FatheRBrotheRSun.com
Website coming soon!

 Aeron Miller Photography
(Aeron Miller Photography, 2014)

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