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Artist Bio: Jack Eastgate

Jack Eastgate: artist bio

(Mr. Eastgate showed his artwork at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)
I didn’t start living until I moved to America. I smile every time I think back at my first years, months, and even days when my “fresh off the blane” ready to experience life attitude naively wondered the streets of Oakland. I was 18, straight from a farm in the middle of a jungle on an island surrounded by hella warm water. That was seven years ago.

Oakland…buck wild, shady, sunny, beautiful crazy all at once. America on the other hand was the one that got me. Caught up in it all, the shine began to wear and I wandered without cause, my state of mind was unsatisfied, my spirit malnourished. I felt there was something missing and it bothered me.

Questioning everything, my fascination with the world grew. As I am as insignificant as a mustard seed in the whole scheme of things, I had the nerve to ask who was I and why did I exist? That’s when my being opened up to an environment seen only when still. A place where time becomes irrelevant, and every cell in your body reverberates in synchronization to the universe, and a place where they say angels gather to listen in bliss.
Like a Taurus, I dove headfirst into the infinite world of spirituality and found my self sitting with the Sufi’s and mystics of many traditions. It was amazing. My life and art changed, unintentionally giving me a better understanding of my shortcomings, but, most of all my strength- my humanness.

During this time I came to realize that a common factor, whether intentional or not, is often concealed, misinterpreted or simply confused. Everything is One, like a circle, a drum. All the different perspectives we have, have been shaped by each individual or collective reality- their language, geography, climate and culture. It still in its essence universal, and it is still collectively interpreted human. This is what I want to reflect. This is what inspires me.

Life is art is life. Inspired by life and the beauty that comes with struggles, Jack Eastgate, a bay area transplant from the Fiji Islands, has infused the elements of his present urban society with his multicultural roots, allowing him to articulate his personal and shared experiences. Jack is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Graphic design at Cal State University East Bay. Traditionally an illustrator, Jack has incorporated several mediums into his work including acrylic, spray paints, and collage.


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Band Bio: Dragon Spit 22

Dragon Spit 22 music bio:
Dragon Spit 22 (DS22) was created by Atiim Chenzira with the vision of diversifying his musical range, and singing Rock to fuse it with his soul, hip hop, and funk flavor. With only keys, bass, drums and vocals the band began with two songs, and now DS22 has more than a full set list, and are gearing up to record, and perform. DS22 continues to rehearse and book for 2010.

The sound of DS22 is an old' school flavor of soul, and funk, with the forward drive of rock, mixed with linguistic poetry of smooth hip hop, and poetry.

Atiim Chenzira ~ Vocals, writer, production, and arrangement
T. Hallenbeck ~ Bass, production, and arrangement
Chris Lujan ~ Drums, production, and arrangement
Kenji Matsui ~ Guitar, production, and arrangement
Ronald Jones ~ Keys, and arrangement
David Jones ~ production, and arrangement

The Origins of the Name 'Dragon Spit 22'

Meaning of Dragon ~ In Chinese daily language, excellent and outstanding people are compared to the dragon while incapable people with no achievements are compared with other, disesteemed creatures, such as the worm. A number of Chinese proverbs and idioms feature references to the dragon, for example: "Hoping one's son will become a dragon" (望子成龍, i.e. be as successful and powerful as a dragon). Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water in popular belief. They are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas. They can show themselves as water spouts (tornado or twister over water). In this capacity as the rulers of water and weather, the dragon is more anthropomorphic in form, often depicted as a humanoid, dressed in a king's costume, but with a dragon head wearing a king's headdress.

Meaning of  Spit ~ To speak rhythmically, to rap, to talk.

Meaning of # 22 ~ A Catch-22 is a logical paradox wherein an individual finds him or herself in need of something which can only be had by not being in need of it. It is often spoken in regards to rules, regulations, procedures, or situations in which one has knowledge of being or becoming a victim but has no control over it occurring.
Also: qualities - creativity, humility, understanding, and compassion. Twenty-two is a higher octave of four. It contains the secrets to many esoteric questions, as evidenced by the fact that there are twenty two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, twenty two pathways in many versions of the Kabbalah, and twenty two cards in the Major Arcana. Twenty two carries with it psychic gifts such as heightened sensitivity, intuition and psychic awareness, but is also predisposed to pitfalls such as treachery from hidden enemies and over sensitivity.
22 represents practical idealism - practical genius, creator of the future, power on all levels, master of the material, philanthropy, universality, international direction, and service to mankind.


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Artist Bio: Reshma Azmi (Artist of A Thousand WordZ)

Reshma Azmi artist bio:
(Reshma showed her work at our Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haitian Relief)
Reshma Azmi decided to pursue painting as her lifetime goal soon after the tenth grade, at which time she enrolled in the Fine Arts Program of the College of Arts and Crafts at the University of Lucknow in India. Here, for a period of five years, she got the opportunity to study and develop her art abilities, under the guidance of some extremely talented and well-known art teachers and artists. Since graduation from college, Reshma has painted relentlessly over the years, working on a wide variety of subjects. She has participated in several solo and group shows in India and the United States. Several of her painting series are currently on display in both public and private collections. She has explored various media including acrylic, oil, fabric, pencil, charcoal and watercolor. Her strongest interest, and the majority of her work, however, is in oils and acrylics.

When Reshma relocated from Lucknow, India to the California Bay Area in early 2005, she saw a magnolia for the first time. Since then, magnolias have appeared in her artwork on several occasions. But flowers and the natural world have always been a part of Reshma's artwork; for her, living in the United States has been not only an introduction to new experiences and cultural landscapes, but also an opportunity for reinterpretation of roads already traveled.
As an East Indian residing in the U.S., Reshma is acutely aware of the dichotomies between American and South Asian ways of life. While observing how American society expresses itself in the visual arena, Reshma has become particularly interested in what she reluctantly calls 'pop art' for lack of a better term: the de-emphasis of documentary depiction in favor of movement, texture, and pattern. She sees this 'zooming in,' as she calls it, everywhere in American society - fine arts, advertising, design, and even cinema - and she expects that it will influence her next set of paintings, which will evolve from the double-vision she has learned to embrace and even celebrate as an inevitable result of her immersion in a new culture.
A crucial aspect of Reshma's artistic expression is desire: sublimated, unfulfilled, suppressed, unspoken, or made manifest at great risk. The pleasant images in her paintings - birds, flowers, beautiful women, the tranquility of quiet rooms - typically belie a suggestion of loss, or danger, or quiet suffering. While growing up in India, Reshma painted this beauty/pain dichotomy because she saw it around her, in a close-knit, conservative society that often demands adherence to ancient traditions at the expense of personal choice. Now, she paints that dichotomy because, as she says, she sees it on the faces of Americans. She proposes that perhaps the freedom and openness of American society is accompanied by, or comes at the price of, the breakdown of family structures and the consequent isolation and loneliness.
Although her paintings are quite expressive, Reshma does not necessarily want the viewer to feel what she feels, or see what she sees. She hopes that viewers will be sufficiently intrigued to find their own meaning in her work.
Reshma Azmi resides in Oakland, California, with her husband, musician and artist T. Hallenbeck. She is currently working with colored pencil, mixed media, and a new series of oil paintings.


Art Crew Bio: Local 365

Local 365 Crew art bio:
San Francisco Collaborative Community Presents: Local 365 - an inter-arts collective facilitating creative collaborations between local artists & musicians, in celebration of the eclectic tastes of local audiences and the flourishing artistic culture of the San Francisco Bay Area!

Created to nurture community, collaboration, and cohesion within our local arts & music scene, Local 365 brings together some of SF's finest artists and musicians to collaborate and inspire each others' work while making our local SF creative culture more visible and accessible to local audiences!

Our many fabulous resident artists & musicians perform live together regularly around SF, composing pieces of art & music as inspired by those collaborations; to be shown and performed during the course of/at the end of the project year.

We welcome all to come out & support the local creative culture of which you are a part!!!

Check out our photos & slideshow for a glimpse of our distinguished participants 

Artist Bio: Suzie Ferras (Artist of Local 365)

Suzie Ferras artist bio:

(Miss Ferras performed live art work at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)

With a background in drawing, illustration, painting and sculpture, Suzie Ferras has been working professionally in the arts for over 10 years as a fine artist, illustrator, arts educator, curator and event organizer. Suzie has been one of many championing the live art movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing live art to live music regularly in and around San Francisco, collaborating with some of the Bay Areas finest local musicians. In 2008, she founded the art & music collective, Local 365, to facilitate collaboration and cohesion within local creative culture, while making the fine arts more visible and accessible to local audiences. She has exhibited art and/or has done live art with The de Young Museum, The New York Stock Exchange, Sesame Street, The San Francisco Jazz Heritage Museum and Yoshi's SF.

myspace Local 365 calendar:

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Photographer Bio: SooozhyQ

SooozhyQ photo bio:

(SoozhyQ showed art work at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)
Born in San Francisco’s Mission district, Soozhyq started her love affair with digital photography in 2005 while travelling abroad.

  Favorite photo subjects include food porn, the underside of mushrooms, belly dancers, and her ‘hood (Dogpatch/Potrero Hill).   SooozhyQ is a Flickr addict and recently launched her own website #fotofeedbackloop.  SooozhyQ takes an occasional break from photography and music to stalk Japanese snow monkeys and be left-brainy for a local biotech firm.  



Photographer Bio: Bethanie Hines

Bethanie Hines photo bio:

(Miss Hines showed art work at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)

my story is simple: i am passionate about the human experience.  as long as i can remember, i have been fascinated by people, finding light in the inconspicuous, giving attention to the barely discernible, delighting in seeing the visible in the invisible.  

my photography is an out-growth of my interest in movement, emotion and healing.  capturing moments, whether they're intense or sexy, mysterious or ethereal, joyful or evocative, is what I do.  i want the observer to see what i see: the textural beauty of humanity.  

my photos evoke who you really are, what you live for, the varying shades of your dreams, what lies beneath the everyday.  i give attention to and affirm who you are and in the process, i liberate the essence of your moments.  i dare to show the beauty and the power of you; i invite you to be seen. 


Photographer Bio: Lauren Stower

Lauren Stower photo bio:

(Miss Stower showed art work at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)
Lauren Stower is a Bay Area native and UC Santa Cruz alum, passionate about change and obsessed with live music, traveling and community-building. Currently at USF for a masters teaching credential in Secondary English, her focus is on continual learning, prison abolition, gender-bending queer poliking capitalism-undermining critical feminist counter-hegemonic philosophizing and action. A world traveler with a knack for photography, she shows the faces of friends and strangers who have crossed and blessed her path through this world, sharing the oft-unseen with the eager eye of the observer. 

Contact info:
For prints or live photography, contact Lauren at (510) 909-7719, or


Band Bio: Ecdysis

"Ecdysis" music bio:
The Process by which A Soul Sheds Its Skin

An amalgamation of antiquity and modernity, "Ecdysis" seeks to merge
the timeless nature of sound with the experience of this time.
With melodies ranging from traditional Malian to eclectic Jazz fusion, "Ecdysis"
embarks on a journey to breathe life into an age-old movement;
the evolution of your soul.

(Written and Arranged by all musicians)
Amber McZeal - Vocals, Balafon
Sandra Lawson - Vocals 
Nora Barrows-Friedman - Cello
Doug Stewart - Upright Bass
Jon Provost - Drum kit, Percussion, Frame drum
Keenan Weber - Kora, Flute, Balafon


Musician Bio: Dahrio Wonder

DAHRIO WONDER music bio:
(urban pop/r&b solo artist)
Dahrio Wonder is a San Francisco Bay Area native who fits no mold, initiates a change of mind, and continuously steps  outside the box with any project he gets a hold of. With a mission to leave his stamp on ears that appreciate great music no  matter what genre of music they favor, he is constantly working on taking his music to new heights.

Having already worked with some of the industry's notable recording artists as a professional choreographer and dancer, Dahrio has transcended from an accomplished behind the scenes facilitator, to an all-around entertainer, singer, songwriter, and producer. As a dancer and choreographer, he has performed and worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Angela Winbush, the late Celia Cruz, and the Ying Yang Twins. In 2007 he penned a music publishing deal with Foxx King/Bug Music, and also opened for the legendary Isley Brothers US tour in Fresno,CA and Atlanta,GA. In 2008, he performed in Washington D.C. at the 1st Annual Velocity Magazine Awards where his debut album WONDERLAND also won the award for Best R&B Album. In 2009, Dahrio continued to headline many shows including sold out shows at The Oakland Metro Theater and two shows at Oakland's Yoshi's Supper Club. Dahrio was also a featured artist on Jamie Foxx's FOXX HOLE LIVE showcase at the LA hot spot, The Conga Room.

With his WONDERLAND LP, you truly get sucked into an album that allows you to escape into another world, an album full of conceptual sound and idea. On his upcoming sophomore LP entitled WONDER, Dahrio introduces a work of variant dimensions by showcasing a sexy and eclectic vibe. The WONDER LP exhibits his growth as an artist as he draws you in enough to make you feel like you truly know him.  Making you dance  and relate to where he's coming from, then getting more personal and vunerable than the work showcased on his debut album. He drops you into a whirlwind of clever lyrics, smooth vocals, strong arrangements, and hip hop and pop beats set in remarkable songs with an R&B flare. You want to get to know more about him, because around him is where you want to be.

Being a charming, innovative and imaginary thinker, Dahrio Wonder brings  creativity, class, and sex appeal to his live stage shows. He captivates people with his unmistakeable stage presence that's exciting, and every time he performs, he continues to fascinate  any crowd with his well-rounded talent. He is a true conductor of the stage and crowd. Saying Dahrio Wonder is a triple threat is an understatement, yet he is one of the most humble artist anyone can work with.

Dahrio Wonder gets back to the basics in true regard to what real music and entertainment does to the soul. Dahrio Wonder understands music on an intricate level that not many artists do. He returns to the rawness and realness of what music's first purpose is; it makes you feel good, it moves your body involuntarily, and it improves any mood by taking you on a roller coaster  of emotions. Dahrio's music makes you feel imaginative, connected, sexy, and moved. His intuitive take on a new sound is impeccable and he plans to continue to make his impression on the world of music as a superb solo recording artist and entertainer.

Dahrio Wonder's WONDERLAND available on itunes, and

Musician Bio: Divasonic and member/owner of Digital Bliss Productions

Divasonic music bio:
(Divasonic played at the Feb. 27th, 2010 show, and helped raise $1,800 for Haiti relief)
Genres: Electronica/Dance / Alternative / Pop
Label: Digital Bliss Productions/Cyberset, Digital Bliss Productions

Lynda Arnold is a jack of all trades in the music business, simultaneously operating as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, performer and educator. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lynda performs and produces as 'Divasonic' molding her own sound of downtempo, house and d-n-b mixed with ethereal vocals and jazz flute inprovisations.
Her label credits include EMI, Clubstar (Germany), Cyberset (SF), Epiphyte (SF) and her own label, Digital Bliss.
More About Divasonic
"The road of individuality is not a straight line..."

Divasonic is built around the production, songwriting, and multi-instrumental talents of Lynda Arnold, who got started at an early age by taking dance lessons, then adding piano and flute to her repertoire. "My parents said I always had talent with rhythm and my ability to move to the music," says Lynda. "Even though I was trained as an instrumentalist, it's no surprise that I enjoy playing around with rhythms. Dancing was my artistic escape during my teenage years when I was learning classical music. " After earning a classical music degree from DePauw University and a recording/production degree from Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts, Lynda started producing and performing her own music in 2000. She says her real release as a musician came when she started to improvise and program her own music after her classical training ended. "I started to put down what I was hearing in my head," she says. "There's nothing like creating in the moment."
Lynda's extensive performance schedule has included a variety of projects, from performing with electronic and live bands to putting on shows with renowned DJs. When she's not on stage, she is recording with an assortment of Bay Area artists and producers or composing music for herself or other projects, such as the acclaimed multimedia dance troupe Capacitor. And then there is her production company, Digital Bliss Productions (, whose goal is to bring more attention to women producers in the male-dominated field of electronic music. Some such efforts include sponsoring performances and releasing compilations, all of which focus on women producers and vocalists.

As you may expect, Lynda is not a woman with a lot of free time. Ask about her biggest challenge, and she responds: "Being able to do it all. To write, produce, record, promote, perform, tour, and finance the whole damn thing! Oh, the day will be sweet when I will be able to have a manager, a band, and a comfy tour bus! The more I engage in this artistic and business process, the more I realize that I need an army to get things done."
But if her second full-length album, Changing Wind, is any indication, Lynda should be soon enjoying a taste of that sweeter lifestyle. Where her debut album, Birth, was about spirituality and "the internal journey of the soul gaining confidence and overcoming fears and insecurities," Lynda uses Changing Wind more as an outlet for contemplations about relationships, including the ups and downs of "elations, surprises, sensuality, reality, growth, partnership, nurturing, falling in love, and enduring love through its changes." It also stretches a bit further musically, showing off a stronger jazz influence mixed with stronger soul and pop vibes, all wrapped around the elements Lynda has come to be known for, including drum-and-bass rhythms, experimental percussive sounds, and flute and vocal melodies derived from her own poetry.
In addition to everything she has already accomplished and everything she is currently in the midst of, Lynda has even bigger hopes for the future, from performing to producing to teaching. Fortunately for her listeners, those plans largely revolve around her music. "Even if I changed careers at some point in my life, I would always have a musical project," she says. "Music has been a part of my daily life for many years now, and I can't imagine living without the inspiration of it. It's a light that never seems to run dry."

Live musicians:

Lynda Arnold ~ Flute, programming, keys, and lead vocals
Tom Hallenbeck: Bass
Atiim Chenzira: Support Vocalist
Jet Man: Drums


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Musician's Bio: Xandra

Xandra music bio: 

"Raised in California's Owens Valley, Xandra moved to San Francisco in 2002 to study writing. After picking up the guitar in 2003, she quickly found her passion for singing/songwriting and made her debut at the corner of 16th and Mission as a performer. She blends soulful vocals with a guitar style that mixes blues and bossa nova. Check out her soul/funk explosion Con Brio for a fuller, dirtier version of her songs."



Musician's Bio: Marcel Williams BKA Adrian Marcel

Adrian Marcel (A.M.)

Being a newcomer to the music scene can be overwhelming for most, but for an artist like Adrian Marcel/A.M. (formerly known as Marcel Williams), the obstacles and occurrences already accomplished only continue to drive his determination on becoming an appreciated entertainer. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Adrian Marcel separates himself from what RandB has become and strives to bring back what traditional rhythm and blues is. His goal is to inspire today’s youth to know and experience what true R&B sounds like. Adrian feels like vocalists back in the day had only their voices, no outlandish tricks or antics, just themselves and a microphone. Thus, he is looking to bring class back to RandB music. A.M. is like no other when he performs. On stage he makes the audience understand that they are listening to a story, a plot, a time-line or a specific moment in his life, not just a song. He truly puts on a full fledged show. Being a singer, songwriter, composer, performer and natural comedian helps him incorporate different dynamics into his shows. A.M. draws his influence from the likes of Jackie Wilson, Frankie Lyman, David Ruffin, Carl Thomas, Tank, and Maxwell.

        The true beginning of the musical aspect in his life was when he got accepted into the Oakland school of the Arts in 2003. There he studied vocal, piano and drama. He stared in the schools leading plays, The Wiz, Footloose and The Wild Party. In 2006 Adrian toured with the school concert choir to Italy. There they performed for 2 weeks at different venues in Florence and Venice for crowds of 700 people. During the years 2005-2007 he studied at the University of California in the Young Musicians Program (YMP) with a full scholarship. During his junior year of high school he was given a 1 year scholarship to Berkelee College of Music in Boston upon his high school graduation. His high school years clearly solidifies his love and commitment to music. In 2006 A.M. opened at the Concord Pavilion in Concord California for Tina Marie’s tour and in 2008 A.M. opened for Patrice Rushen and Roberta Flack at the Oakland Museum “Experience on the Green”. This was the start of Adrian Marcel's solo career as he would soon team with Jaime Hawkins to begin work on his debut album. He most recently teamed with ready artist and blood brother Dahrio Wonder on their musical production called “The Pleasures of Love Show” which successfully enjoyed a sellout of 2 shows at Yoshi’s in Oakland California; As well as the Oakland Metro Theater and Q's Lounge.

On his debut album entitled “Music & Moon Trips Vol.1-A Lover’s Welcome” A.M. introduces a work that showcases someone beyond his years. Simply put, Ad loves the thought of Love and expresses that in every song he writes and performs. His lyrics are uniquely different, not the same words you hear everyday on the radio. He sings about situations that you feel, understand and can relate to. He loves where creating wonderful melodies can take him. “A Lover’s Welcome” is the journey from the preparation of loving someone, the vulnerable stage of loving them, trials, change, and the growth of love all delivered on tracks that captivate every emotion you can think of. A.M. does music with a passion. It’s what he is, what makes him and how he makes his best decisions. Sparking an emotion in him causes him to share this in his writing, and his composing.

      A.M.’s music is tasteful and sweet, ready for anyone to listen to. The richness of his voice makes it easy for him to comfortably blend with any genre of music or track he sings on. A.M. is a go-getter, the live-wire with a confident seductiveness, a role player and does not want to put a stamp on his music to a specific audience. Adrian is embarking on a journey that he is humbly and fully prepared to take on, appreciate and welcome. Adrian Marcel promises to take and deepen his audiences understanding of great R&B music.

Now, you are in for a treat... A.M. has worked hard in the last two years. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work with L7, a music company that has invested time and energy into supporting him to his next phase! Raphael Saadiq has taken a strong interest in Adrian Marcel. You can get a glimpse of what A.M. has been hard at work here:

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RhineStone Carboys

The Rhinestone Carboys:

The Rhinestone Carboys are made up of four members:
  1. Geoff Witek
  2. Heather Benson
  3. Patrick Linskey
  4. Deb Barley
They are helping the DNA Brewing Organization cook the recipe of ingredients for our two charity beers Porter-Of-Princes, and Haiti Hopeaweizen. These two beers will raise funds for Haitian relief at our February 27th 2010 show at the legendary Oakland Noodle Factroy. A Thousand WordZ (ATW) is based at the Oakland Noodle Factory in a new and diverse community of artists of mixed genres; including musicians, painters, photographers, dancers, etc.  Roots of The DNA Brewing Organization.

After talking about the idea of fund-raising for Haitians with a few people in San Francisco, the newly named, but already formed collaborative, The Rhinestone Carboys, stood up, and volunteered their time and resources to help DNA produce enough beer in an effort to raise enough donations to help Haitians at the A Thousand WordZ event 'A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words'

Event:Feb. 27th, 2010 (exhibit/music - 7pm-12pm, afterparties - 2/3am) 

The RhineStone Carboys ~ An Interview:

RhineStone Carboy
Geoff Witek
Heather Benson
Patrick Linskey
Deb Barley

ATW: "What do you do for a full time job?"
HB: “Teach K-5th graders how to farm at Tenderloin Community (Public School) SFUSD”

ATW: "What got you into brewing beers?"HB: "Made first beer 15 years ago. I loved the science of it. Grew up on farm. Grew our own food. Fun to try fermenting process. I grew wheat and hops. Made a couple of beers.  Mead Honey Wine. (Instead of wheat and hops) Mead has honey and water in it. That process takes up to 10 years. I brewed it with Geoff. "
ATW: "What do you hope your involvement in A Thousand WordZ fund-raising will mean to Haitians?"
HB: “I want to give them HOPE for the future. I think keeping thinking about the Sunami, and Hurricane Katrina is important too. At any moment anything can happen. Instead of hanging around BrewCraft and asking questions and talking about beer ingredients, it sounded good to make good beer, and connecting with your community to help others.
The last big fund-raising event I did was the Tibetan Freedom Concert, in Golden Gate Park with lots of musicians, etc. We wanted to keep the cause of Tibetan’s on the minds of many. We kept the beer, the music, and community as a common cause.”

ATW: "What is your favorite beer?"
HB: Favorite beer to drink is an IPA. I love bitter beer. 
ATW: "Second favorite?" 
HB: Porter.

RhineStone Carboys
Geoff Witek
Heather Benson
Patrick Linskey
Deb Barley

ATW: "What do you do for a full time job?"
GW:  "Summer:  Mountain Guide. Winter:  Legal Translator."
ATW: "What got you into brewing beers?"
GW: "Inability to buy beer when I was 17, and afascination with the fermentation process as an adult.  There are plenty of great beers out there to be bought, but it's so much more exciting and satisfying to drink something you created."

ATW: "What do you hope your involvement in A Thousand WordZ fund-raising will mean to Haitians?"
GW: "A bit of relief ($) and a sense that they have not been forgotten."

ATW: "What is your favorite beer?"
GW: "Aside from our own, I love Delirium Tremens by Huyghe Brewery."

RhineStone Carboys
Geoff Witek
Heather Benson
Patrick Linskey
Deb Barley

ATW: "What do you do for a full time job?"

DB: "Advocate to protect the environment. "
ATW: "What got you into brewing beers?"
DB: "A text message asking if I'd like to brew some beer with a couple of cool folks (that like to put rhinestones on their carboys)."
ATW: "What do you hope your involvement in A Thousand WordZ fund-raising will mean to Haitians?"
DB: "A bit of relief ($) and a sense that they have not been forgotten. (I liked Geoff's answer, so I will ditto it.)"
ATW: "What is your favorite beer?"
DB: "Dogfish Head Pale Ales, I'll drink any and all of them.  (Of course, once I drink the next batch from the RC's, I may be singing a different tune.)"

RhineStone Carboys
Geoff Witek
Heather Benson
Patrick Linskey
Deb Barley

ATW: "What do you do for a full time job?"

PL: "Software engineer. "
ATW: "What got you into brewing beers?"
PL: "A friend's hops vines."
ATW: "What do you hope your involvement in A Thousand WordZ fund-raising will mean to Haitians?"
PL: "Awareness and support."
ATW: "What is your favorite beer?"
PL: "Hoegaarden."