Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Musician Bio: Dahrio Wonder

DAHRIO WONDER music bio:
(urban pop/r&b solo artist)
Dahrio Wonder is a San Francisco Bay Area native who fits no mold, initiates a change of mind, and continuously steps  outside the box with any project he gets a hold of. With a mission to leave his stamp on ears that appreciate great music no  matter what genre of music they favor, he is constantly working on taking his music to new heights.

Having already worked with some of the industry's notable recording artists as a professional choreographer and dancer, Dahrio has transcended from an accomplished behind the scenes facilitator, to an all-around entertainer, singer, songwriter, and producer. As a dancer and choreographer, he has performed and worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Angela Winbush, the late Celia Cruz, and the Ying Yang Twins. In 2007 he penned a music publishing deal with Foxx King/Bug Music, and also opened for the legendary Isley Brothers US tour in Fresno,CA and Atlanta,GA. In 2008, he performed in Washington D.C. at the 1st Annual Velocity Magazine Awards where his debut album WONDERLAND also won the award for Best R&B Album. In 2009, Dahrio continued to headline many shows including sold out shows at The Oakland Metro Theater and two shows at Oakland's Yoshi's Supper Club. Dahrio was also a featured artist on Jamie Foxx's FOXX HOLE LIVE showcase at the LA hot spot, The Conga Room.

With his WONDERLAND LP, you truly get sucked into an album that allows you to escape into another world, an album full of conceptual sound and idea. On his upcoming sophomore LP entitled WONDER, Dahrio introduces a work of variant dimensions by showcasing a sexy and eclectic vibe. The WONDER LP exhibits his growth as an artist as he draws you in enough to make you feel like you truly know him.  Making you dance  and relate to where he's coming from, then getting more personal and vunerable than the work showcased on his debut album. He drops you into a whirlwind of clever lyrics, smooth vocals, strong arrangements, and hip hop and pop beats set in remarkable songs with an R&B flare. You want to get to know more about him, because around him is where you want to be.

Being a charming, innovative and imaginary thinker, Dahrio Wonder brings  creativity, class, and sex appeal to his live stage shows. He captivates people with his unmistakeable stage presence that's exciting, and every time he performs, he continues to fascinate  any crowd with his well-rounded talent. He is a true conductor of the stage and crowd. Saying Dahrio Wonder is a triple threat is an understatement, yet he is one of the most humble artist anyone can work with.

Dahrio Wonder gets back to the basics in true regard to what real music and entertainment does to the soul. Dahrio Wonder understands music on an intricate level that not many artists do. He returns to the rawness and realness of what music's first purpose is; it makes you feel good, it moves your body involuntarily, and it improves any mood by taking you on a roller coaster  of emotions. Dahrio's music makes you feel imaginative, connected, sexy, and moved. His intuitive take on a new sound is impeccable and he plans to continue to make his impression on the world of music as a superb solo recording artist and entertainer.

WONDERLAND MANAGEMENT  2934 TELEGRAPH AVE. OAKLAND, CA 94609  510-919-1968  wonderlandmgmt@gmail.com
Dahrio Wonder's WONDERLAND available on itunes, cdbaby.com and pinoytunes.net


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