Monday, March 31, 2014

Oakland Drops Beats: FatheR BrotheR Sun (FRBRS)

April 19th, 2014
The Spice Monkey
1628 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94612
8pm - 10:30pm

A Thousand WordZ 

FatheR BrotheR Sun
(Funk/R and B/Rock/Soul and Hip Hop or Funk-Rock-Soul-Hop) 

FatHeR BrotHeR Sun is a band formed out of mixed musical interests and a continued support for Atiim Chenzira's Music. This band has come out of  various incarnations; from FRENDZ (2005), to SupaFRENDZ (06'), to then splitting musical genre sounds and becoming the Funk inspired Hip Hop band Bomani Musik (08'), and the Rock inspired Soul band Dragon Spit 22, to the now consolidated FHRBHRS. Much like the lead singer, Atiim Chenzira, these projects have had a great deal of personality, and time to find the right sound.  FatHeR BrotHeR Sun (FHRBHRS) has finally arrived! With the Jimi Hendrix reminiscent guitar of Kenji Matsui, and the Funk Bass licks of Oscar Urcuyo, who have been in many band versions since 2005, to the new blood of Alpha Lewis (son of  the great Aura Lewis), who holds the drum sticks and keeps the pocket filled. 
Photography by Aeron Miller

FatHeR BrotHeR Sun is a serious band. With the support vocals of Chloe Jean, Kamilah Shuaibe, and Ali Hammad, they are set. However, the word is, they are seeking a full time keys player, and a horn section, so stay tuned, for this band is still evolving, and ready to blow your socks off. 

"This event is part of the larger Oakland Drops Beats music crawl in downtown Oakland.  The first ODB event is happening on Saturday, April 19th and includes 10 venues, over 20 Oakland-based acts, 1 outdoor stage, and lots of community engagement.  
FREE. All day. All ages.
Go to for more information on the event."