Friday, December 06, 2013

Musician Bio: DJ Ka Mau

DJ Ka Mau

The MC/Poet - Soulful. Poetic. Insightful. Hip-Hop. Africlectic Electryk. Renai7ance Throwforward Lyricist. An . 2015 Wordplay......who can smooth it out and simplify whenever he gets the urge to.

The DJ - In late 2004, Ka Mau made the decision to further study about the world his place in it, by moving from San Francisco, California to Bali, Indonesia. There he began his career as a DJ. His soulful playing style travels through the genres of hiphop, r&b, classic soul, funk, reggae, dancehall reggae, electro soul, afro-house, afro-funk and whatever else he feels like throwing in the mix. Ka Mau‟s first gig was as a resident DJ at the internationally acclaimed Kudeta restaurant/lounge. From there hes rocked clubs and parties all around the island of Bali. From Mbargo and Eikon to the legendary venues Home Café and Black Dog. Ka Mau is also a choreographer and teaches Hip-Hop and House dancing in Bali, thus he brings his knowledge of music from a dancer's perspective into his song selection. In October 2011, Ka Mau dj'd the entire Money in the Cap 2 dance competition in Singapore, playing both the Hiphop and House rounds. Having laced that up, in January 2012 he was invited back to Singapore, this time to spin the house dance battle for the #1international top dancing competition, Juste Debout. He was one of the dj's in rotation at Bali's now legendary monthly beach party, Disko Afrika. He is the organizer of Ubud, Bali's first monthly Soulful Music based event called UPLIFT (UPLIFT He continues to spread the his love of soulful sounds every time he plays.