Sunday, November 24, 2013

3807 San Pablo ~ The Marquist: Leah and Alex.

Throughout the USA, tattoo shops are very similar. Shops are usually adorned with flash art, and most artists have only one style that they excel in. We are attempting a more refined approach to an age old art form, while remaining grounded by our urban lifestyle and surroundings. At the front of the shop is a large open art gallery promoting local celebrity and up and coming artists, while engaging customers to encounter the tattoo and body modification process. Tattooing has secured a permanent place in our culture, the artwork itself is timeless, and should be coveted and presented as such. As conscious members of the community, we are providing an upscale destination for the local community of artists and patrons.

Leah Pesner, owner and artist, was born in 1983 and raised in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. Throughout her childhood she used to draw in text books during class, and carry a sketch book around wherever she went. Although she has not intentionally pursued a career in fine art, these years have provided her with an inherent knowledge and skill produced only through time and practice. She has been tattooing since 2001, and it is her life passion. She has been fascinated with body modification since she was a minor, and as soon as she came of age Leah dove right in to the scene. She has experience in other forms of body modification as well, such as piercing, scarification and branding. The human body is her favorite kind of canvas.

Tattoo’s with fine lines, intense color, and clear visible tattoos on dark skin tones are what she is sought out for. She does however have a very versatile technique and enjoys photo realism, portraiture, lettering, fantasy art, tribal, or anything else the customer may be looking for. She is always looking for challenging pieces to test her abilities and take her skills to the next level. Fine art is also an important duality to her career, including painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Leah’s boyfriend and business partner, Alex Nolan, is an established kinetic sculptor, and contractor, who has connected with a network of artists while attended the California College of the Arts and Crafts in Oakland and SF. We have a complete inventory for our first art show, and several tentative group shows in planning, but we could use YOUR HELP, YOUR ART, and DONATIONS to get started.

The shop is done enough to tattoo in and hold events!!! If you are a performer of any kind, and would like to collaborate on some of these events, please let us know! Also, Fine artists with special talents who are willing to share them in Art Symposiums, please contact us for booking a place in our gallery!

Emeryville is a town with great potential. With Lanesplitter Pizza nearby, and the corner of Adeline and San Pablo street exposure, a tattoo shop and art gallery presented this way will be unique, and the only establishment of its kind in the greater bay area. We already have a large customer base locally, and plan to aggressively advertise and utilize our network of friends and associates to help us get started.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Marquist

To see the creative genius of Alex Nolan, the manager of the art gallery, please see the link below!